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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Ann Althouse Equating Pelosi’s Conspiracy Theories with Conspiracy Theories About Radical Islam?

Althouse correctly excoriates Pelosi for her silliness writing: “It just can't be that people — and it's the vast majority of Americans! — actually read/hear news reports and commentary and arrive at opinions.”  Good point and it does highlight to me again the creepy disdain the left has been showing recently for the opinions of the American people.

But then she write this: “Meanwhile, the right is headed over to the conspiracy place too.”

Sorry, but is she trying to demonstrate a certain equivalency?

Well, Ann, if you are, there is a slight difference between imagining a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in relation to opposition to the mosque v. imagining a conspiracy to spread islamofascism.  You know what that difference is?  There is undeniably a conspiracy to spread islamofascism.

Seriously, what do you call it when 19 hijackers got together, with support from al Qaeda to murder about 3,000 Americans?  You call it a conspiracy.  There indeed is not one but many conspiracies to spread islamofascism.  There is no question at all the conspiracies exist, and it is perfectly rational to wonder if there are connections to the Ground Zero Mosque and these undeniably real conspiracies.

In related silliness, Kathleen Parker writes “[t]he Muslims who want to build this mosque didn't fly airplanes into skyscrapers.”  Yes, Kathy, that is right.  Because the ones who did, are dead.

You win the prize for officially saying the stupidest thing possible in this entire debate.