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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Devil and Daniel Webster*

Imao once said that Alan Grayson (D-unce) “really is what would happen if you grabbed a random internet troll and made him a Congressman.”  And my gosh he has been living up to this.  His latest ad was so dishonest that he was challenged on MSNBC for making it.  Yes, MSNBC.  No, that is not a typo.  And it feels as weird to write it as I am sure you think it is to read it.  Hot Air has the video and links to why Grayson is being a lying shit.

The short version is this.  Once his opponent, Daniel Webster, said in a prayer meeting that the married men in attendance should pick out verses from the bible to contemplate.  He said “Don’t pick the ones that say, ‘She should submit to me.’”

Grayson then took that clip and cut out the part that says “Don’t pick the ones that say” and left in “She should submit to me.”  And based on that, called this man “Taliban Dan.”  Why do I suspect that Kos is coaching him?

I appreciate the media calling him out on this, but I will add that the correct thing to say is that Grayson is lying.  He is stating that the man said X, when in fact he said “not X.”  This would almost certainly be considered defamation in a court of law.

Of course this follows another ad that basically picked on the man for having a disability.  As Factcheck reports, Grayson had a previous ad claiming Webster was a draft dodger, and had the narrator claim that Webster didn’t love America like he did.  Gee, I thought Democrats didn’t like it when you questioned their patriotism?

Now here are the facts, only I will remove all the clutter.  Webster was not qualified to serve in the military.  When he showed up for service, they discovered he had a disability.  Webster explained this years ago:

I remember them pulling me out of line because I’d had problems with my feet when I was a kid. They used these corrective shoes on me with steel plates in them, but it really never fixed them — they’re weird-looking. I can’t really stand a long time on my feet.

So bottom line, the military didn’t want him.

If I was Webster I would put out an ad showing those feet, while he sits in a chair.  And I would say something like this.  “Like a lot of Americans, I was born with a disability.  My feet have been misshapen from birth and as a result I can’t stand for very long.  Every effort to make then normal has failed.  It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that when I did my duty and showed up for military service, the military told me they didn’t want me.  I was frustrated, but I understood.

“Now my opponent has attacked me for this disability.  He says that because I didn’t serve in the military that I am a draft dodger.  His ad says that because the military would not let me serve even though I was willing, that I do not love this country as much as him.  Well, Mr. Grayson, you don’t have a disability and you never served.  What is your excuse?”

And then pepper in a few newspaper articles talking about the other lying ad, etc.  Then end it on a nice note.  “I am not ashamed of my disability.  Overcoming it has given me character, it has taught me humility, and it has taught me to sympathize with others.  And disability or not, if you send me to Congress…”  And then he rises to his feet, “…I will stand up for you.”


By the way, remember folks, the same people who constantly fantasize about conservatives dying, and make fun of the handicapped, are the same people who want to control your healthcare.


Sean P. at Patterico gave me the title of this post.

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