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Monday, December 12, 2011

Might be Very Light Blogging Today...

You may have seen me complain about this on Twitter, but basically at the house I am on day five of my plumbing system being completely frakked.  Basically there was at least one burst pipe, maybe more, in the line to the sewer.  Which means that I have water, but I can’t let very much of it go down the drain, or it will back up and our sewer water will pour out of the drain in our basement.  Oy.

And this is, believe it or not, the second round of my fun on this kind of thing.  I could tell you stories, but they would be incredibly disgusting stories.  Let's just say sh*t happens and leave it at that.

So this has been disrupting my life all weekend, and it looks like much if not all of today will fall victim to the problem as well.  I’ll try to get something out the door this morning before the plumbers get here, and then we’ll take it from there.  That also means that my plan this weekend to retroactively update a lot of posts at my two blogs to reflect the fact that “Aaron Worthing” was a pseudonym has been put on hold.  But maybe I can get at it later today.


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