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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Neal Rauhauser Offers Some “Help” (Part 3 of a Planned 4 Part Series)

To review, in Part 1 we saw where after Ron Brynaert tried, and (hilariously) failed for two days to try to obtain my real name, Brett Kimberlin decided to make a go of it on the third day, by asking me to voluntarily reveal my real name, threatening to use legal process to accomplish these goals.  Then in Part 2 you see where he put forth a motion to compel and promised that a subpoena is coming.  And I said I hoped to have finished my response by today, for Part 3.

Well, it’s not quite ready yet.  I am having to wrangle around 30 separate exhibits, and at the same time I was looking for some local counsel to help me with some of the local quirks in Maryland law.  Still, I have resolved one way or the other to push something out the door by the end of tomorrow, and it is close enough that this can be accomplished.

But in the meantime, let’s give you all something juicy to chew on (and expand the series to four parts), as you wait for me to show how badly Brett Kimberlin has miscalculated the situation.  You see, the other day I got an email from someone who wanted to reach out and help me: Neal Rauhauser.

from    neal rauhauser
cc         Mark Rasch [email omitted]
date     Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 12:08 AM
subject Aaron Worthing protection requirements

Aaron (or whatever your name is)

I would normally point and laugh at someone associated with Breitbart's operation getting outed, but this situation is a little different. I think you knew at the outset that your [redacted] site was offensive to Muslims, but there are some other things happening in the world that will likely make for an even more dangerous situation when your name comes out.

You are going to need someone that does the sort of things I do, someone you can trust completely with your name and other details of your life, and you've got a window of opportunity to clean things up before your name turns up in civil or criminal documents, and then on jihadi web sites not long after that.

The cc: on this message is Mark Rasch, the man who headed the DoJ Cybercrimes division during the Bush years. He is also here in the Metro D.C. area and I hope including him will make the gravity of the situation clear. I am willing, at this time, to get on the phone with Mark and explain the nature of the potential threat - he'll have someone who can help you. I get the slightest hint that anyone knows I sent this email and my schedule will be immediately full and stay that way until after the election.


Neal Rauhauser

Oh, sure!  I could just give you my real name and you would protect me.

And I suppose you are a Nigerian prince, too, and that if I only give you $5,000 then I will get $5 million in return.

Apparently Mr. Rauhauser thinks I haven’t paid attention to Patrick’s website even back when I was a guest blogger, there.  And he also doesn’t think I am capable of googling.  For instance, if you google around looking for the various kooky conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious Mr. Worthing, you get this Scribd document by Rauhauser.  Don’t bother making it disappear, Neal, because I have already preserved it.  But it includes lovely bits like this:

Who was paying cyberstalker Seth Allen? The pool of suspects seems limited to Aaron Worthing, Mandy Nagy, John Patrick Frey, and Andrew Breitbart. While not mentioned in this email Los Angeles County Deputy D.A.  John Patrick Frey is known to have cut Seth Allen lose from any support 48 hours before this was sent.

Yes, that is right.  These brain surgeons think Seth is a paid agent.  Or maybe it’s what they want you to think.  It doesn’t matter because creepy behavior like this doesn’t help one's cause.

And seriously, does he really think I am stupid enough to trust him with my information?  Even if I didn’t know who you were, did you think I would just give it out to a stranger?

And dear readers, consider this a bleg, too.  Does anyone know who this Mark Rasch is?  I could easily imagine it being the case that Mr. Rasch is just an innocent bystander, but who knows?

Anyway, I plan to kick my response to Kimberlin out the door by tomorrow, and then see what happens.  And then you will get to see what I wrote.  And hopefully you will enjoy it.


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  1. Damn you Aaron adding a day to this series. I was waiting to read your response the the undereducated Brent. Oh Well one more day. I can continue reading The Crying Wolfe until tomorrow. Go get em

  2. LOL, glad you alerted us we'd need popcorn. Just settling back with it now :-)

  3. I sent you all the emails that he either sent to me or that he sent through third parties. He offered me help,too....Hahahahaha...And I'm someone they look down at because I moderated an adult forum. I'm not walking around pretending to be " a political fixer", am I??
    I put the whole letter and all links uo at my place also.


    Mr Rasch is an attorney who used to be with the DOJ, investigating computer crimes. He's been interviewed many times about the topic.

    Neal copied this guy on his message because he's an idiot. He might as well have CC'd Dick Cheney.

  5. Wait. How did these kooks get the email from Seth to everyone else? Did they hack his email?

  6. anon

    i can answer that.

    Mandy was cc'ed on that and she was concerned enough to report it. She since decided he was just making a very poor joke. But that is what put the email out there.

  7. Ah, got it. Thanks.

    Also, it's me RB (@RBPundit on twitter). I've been getting caught up here on all the shenanigans and now I'm DYING to find out what happens next.

    Love the blog, btw. Keep on rocking.

  8. BTW Aaron, if you hover on the Docs on the bottom right, you will see the "Stack Libel" Scribd files that Neal "the fixer" Rauhauser has prepared for me.I received one Cease and Desist email that looked to be written by a child bemoaning his interpretation regarding Neal's feelings getting hurt from my blog.

  9. Aaron,

    You hve my email, if you and your family need help, I will assist. This is not good and is more serious than anyone can imagine

  10. Take a look at this:

  11. "Sometimes we have the absolute certainty there's something inside us that's so hideous and monstrous that if we ever search it out we won't be able to stand looking at it. But it's when we're willing to come face to face with that demon that we face the angel."

    -Hubert Selby Jr., Last Exit to Brooklyn