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Saturday, February 4, 2012

In Which Brett Kimberlin, Convicted Terrorist and Perjurer, Tries to Get Me Killed (In My Opinion)

(This is my latest entry in the Kimberlin saga.  To catch up on the whole thing, use this link.)

First, I am sorry to everyone for the very light blogging.  Mind you, I have been writing up a storm, on my off-time, but most of it is not for public consumption.  Maybe someday the whole story will come out, but as I said before, sometimes it is malpractice to share what I know with the whole world.

But the subject of today’s entry is not one of those times.  Now some people might argue that Brett Kimberlin is reformed.  They might say, yes, Brett did horrible things in the past.  He is, after all, a convicted terrorist known as the speedway bomber Kimberlin v. White, 7 F.3d 527 (6th Cir. 1993), he was held liable for the death of Carl DeLong, Kimberlin v. DeLong, 637 N.E.2d 121 (Ind., 1994), and Kimberlin is also a convicted perjurer, Kimberlin v. White, 798 F.Supp. 472 (1992), but he has been released from prison and now he has learned his lesson and he would never try to harm another person again.  Or so the argument goes.

Well, it looks like the reformation didn’t exactly take.  You see on January 5, in my opinion, he literally tried to get me killed.

On that day, he filed a motion to withdraw as moot his various subpoenas designed to determine my identity.  The basis of this was that he learned my real name and therefore it was no longer necessary to subpoena Google or Comcast to get that information.  And all he had to do, then, was to say that he obtained the information by other means—he didn’t even need to write down my name.  But instead, he also included the following information in the motion itself:

  • My real name.
  • My home address.
  • My birth date.
  • Where and when I attended high school.
  • When I dropped out.
  • When I got my GED.
  • Where and when I attended undergraduate school.
  • Information from a suit filed under seal.
  • Where and when I attended law school.
  • My current position, my current employer and their address.

In other words, a “stalkerish” level of information.  In my opinion, his goal in doing that was so that his co-conspirators, including Neal Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert, could then put that information on the web with the “fig leaf” that they were just reporting on the contents of public documents.  And the court agreed with me on this point put it all under seal, because the court recognized that there was no valid purpose in putting all that information into the document.  So now it is no longer a public record.  Sorry guys, you have no fig leaf!  You’ll have to face liability under Va. Code §18.2-46.5 on your own!

And if there is any doubt as to Kimberlin’s intent, well, then you need to know about something else Kimberlin did on or about January 5, 2011.   He wrote a letter and email to the FBI, and two local police departments.  He told them that he was sooooo worried that I would get hurt and therefore they should act to protect me and anyone living and working near me.  I am going to give the text of the letter with obvious redactions and with “John Doe” substituted for my real name:

[FBI Address]

January 5, 2012

[Local Police Addresses]

Re: Police Protection of [John Doe], DOB [redacted]

Dear Law Enforcement Agencies:

I am writing to ask your agencies to provide protection to [John Doe], who has expressed concern for his and his wife's physical safety from Muslim extremists. Mr. [Doe] is an attorney licensed by the [redacted] bar, who lives at [my home address]. He is now working as corporate counsel at a health care provider by the name of [redacted], located at [redacted].

The reason Mr. [Doe]'s life may be in danger is that he has been identified in a civil case in Maryland, Kimberlin v. Allen, 339254-V, Montgomery County Circuit Court, as the creator of a blog called

Notice the use of the passive voice, so that it doesn’t highlight the fact that he is the one who identified me, and therefore created the danger in the first place.

Mr. [Doe] created and has published that blog for more than a year using the pseudonym "Aaron Worthing."  He urged people to draw and submit pictures to him of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in various derogatory ways...

Actually I didn’t ask them to be derogatory. I specifically told them they could be as inoffensive as they prefer, because to some radicals any depiction was sufficient, and I figured I would let everyone else’s conscience be their guide. order show support for Danish cartoonists who had a fatwa issued against them for drawing cartoons ridiculing Mohammed. Muslims who were offended by the depictions then made several violent attacks against the Danish cartoonists and publisher.

Mr. [Doe] has published hundreds of depictions on Mohammed on his EveryoneDrawMohammed [sic] blog, and he has indicated that he fears that he and wife will be subjected to harm now that he has been identified as the creator of the blog. His blog has been banned in Muslim countries,...

Let me break in there for a moment.  I have only heard of the blog being banned in Pakistan.

...and the State Department has stated that his blog is harming the interests of the United States because it inflames anti-American sentiments.

Let me break in again.  To my knowledge they have never singled out my blog.

Therefore, there exists the very real probability that Mr. [Doe] could be subjected to serious harm or death now that his identity has been exposed. Moreover, because he lives in a townhouse with many adjacent neighbors, and works in a large building with hundreds of other people, any attack against him could result in collateral harm to others. In light of these concerns, I strongly urge your agencies to develop a plan to protect not only Mr. [Doe] and his wife from any such harm both at work and in their home, but also to protect those who live and work near them.


Brett Kimberlin

[Kimberlin’s phone number omitted, because I am a classier guy than Brett.]

So let’s review, shall we?  Brett Kimberlin intentionally outs me in court papers, including putting my home and work addresses.  And bear in mind, at that point in time he was the only person revealing my name to the world.  The court later holds that he has no legitimate reason to have put all of that information into his motion to withdraw—all he had to do was say he got my information from another source and that was it.

So if the court had not, in its wisdom, placed that motion under seal, then the obvious and foreseeable result of his action is that if any Islamofascist terrorist wanted to kill me, they would only have to use Google maps to find me.  There is no rational dispute on that point, because Kimberlin pretty much said this to law enforcement himself.  Let me quote the letter again: “Therefore, there exists the very real probability that Mr. [Doe] could be subjected to serious harm or death now that his identity has been exposed.”

Of course Kimberlin has attempted to portray writing this letter as him being an upstanding citizen, who just wanted to alert authorities to the danger I faced.  In my opinion, that is bull.  If he was truly concerned for my safety, then he wouldn’t have included all that personal information in his Motion to Withdraw in the first place.  He wouldn’t have even mentioned my name.

And he wouldn’t have done it twice.  Yes, that is right, on or about January 17, he filed a motion to unseal that motion to withdraw, but this time he put my real name in the caption itself.  It was originally entitled “Plaintiff’s Motion to Unseal Pleadings Related to [my real name] aka Aaron Worthing” so that it would appear right in the Maryland Court databases.  And after I filed an emergency motion the court sealed the document, and changed the name of the motion in the database to “Plaintiff’s Motion to Unseal Pleadings Related to John Doe.” 

I mean doesn’t that give his intent away?  This is just my opinion based on the facts I just gave you, but let’s pretend he included my identifying information innocently the first time.  I don’t think he was innocent, but let’s play pretend, shall we?  But since the court ruled that it was improper to have put that information in the pleading and sealed it the first time, in my opinion there can be no question he was doing this intentionally the second time.

And there was certainly no question he was doing this on purpose...  when he did it a third time.  Yes, on or about January 27, 2012, he filed a response to my emergency motion mentioned in the last paragraph.  And this new filing was filled to the brim with lies—objectively verifiable lies.  He lied about the what the court ruled, and even lied about my novel.  And once again Kimberlin disclosed my name in the public record, by including his copy of the same letter to law enforcement I just quoted to you, but without redacting my name, address and work address, or voluntarily placing it under seal.  But another emergency motion made sure it was placed under seal and thus it is no longer a public record.

So as the title indicates, it is only my opinion that he is deliberately trying to get me killed.  He assures me that this is not his intent, but in my opinion his actions make his intentions clear.  He has admitted that he knows his conduct creates “very real probability that Mr. [Doe] could be subjected to serious harm or death now that his identity has been exposed.”  And he is not doing this by accident, so he is intentionally engaged in conduct that will create a serious risk of harm or death, both to myself and any innocents that surround me.  And he has done this three times, now.  And in my opinion, he has absolutely no justification for this conduct.

In my opinion, this is revenge against me, for the slight representation I offered to Seth Allen, and for exposing Kimberlin’s thuggish behavior to the world, as well as for exposing credible allegations that he committed perjury.  So in my opinion, this convicted terrorist attempted to recruit other terrorists to do his dirty work for him.

And as for his letter to authorities, I think his intent is revealed in this portion:

Moreover, because he lives in a townhouse with many adjacent neighbors, and works in a large building with hundreds of other people, any attack against him could result in collateral harm to others. In light of these concerns, I strongly urge your agencies to develop a plan to protect not only Mr. [Doe] and his wife from any such harm both at work and in their home, but also to protect those who live and work near them.

In my opinion, his purpose in writing this letter was to ensure the maximum disruption of my life, by sending the police to both locations.

So if you help this man and his co-conspirators, then that is what you are aiding.  If you donate to his various non-profits, maybe they do lots of other good work, but you are also helping support this piece of human filth who probably should never have been set free in the first place.

Oh, and by the way, if you do more than aid, if you cross the line into becoming a co-conspirator—or have already crossed that line—then you are just as liable for any civil or criminal consequences as Kimberlin.  Any time you enter into a conspiracy, each participant is equally guilty of all the crimes (or civil wrongs) committed by each member.  And while I can’t give you legal advice, I can say you definitely want to talk to a lawyer to find out how you can limit your liability for his behavior, before he gets you into more trouble.


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