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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tune in Tomorrow at 6:55 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (And This is For Real This Time)

Update (II): Aaaaand the BIG POST is up.  View it here.

Update: Gee, it would help if I told you which time zone I was talking about!  Thus the title of the post has been amended appropriately.  Thanks to the awesomely nicknamed "Crewman #6" who highlighted this concern.  He is truly plucky comic relief and not a red-shirted ensign.

Okay I have told you a big story was coming.  I told you that it was very likely to be a blockbuster, with original reporting involved.  I told you that I was going to reveal to the world for the first time that a crime was committed against me.  I told you that I had absolute documentary and video proof of my claims that I would share with you. In other words, you wouldn’t have to trust my word; you would only have to trust your eyes.

And you have seen me put off publication day after day on it.  I told you that I was waiting for a friend of mine who was a videographer to finish a video for me that would help tell my story, and that was all I was waiting on.

Well, I’m not waiting any more.  It seems like Murphy’s Law is interfering with the process, big time, on his end.  I have seen a partially-finished product and it looks great.  I believe and hope he will finish it, and if he does, I will happily put it on my blog in a separate post.

But I am not going to wait for the video any longer.  Instead, I will use a video I created myself.  And when it comes to video editing...  I am a pretty good lawyer.  Still, while the video I created will not win any academy awards, I believe it will be effective in the role it is designed to serve.  And I think it is pretty good work (for a lawyer).

So it is as of now scheduled in Blogger for tomorrow.  That means I could be hit by lightning—or killed by a terrorist’s bomb—and it will still go out.  (That bit about being killed by a terrorist’s bomb might sound dramatic to you, but after you are done reading my piece and watching the videos, it won’t seem so far-fetched.)  I suppose if there was an EMP blast on the East coast or something, that might stop it but how likely is that?  What I am saying is, that as much as any person can promise that a thing like this will happen, I am promising it: 6:55 a.m. tomorrow.

And even if Blogger got hacked, at most it would only delay it.  I have taken steps to make sure that if it doesn’t appear at my site, it will appear somewhere else.  There is no stopping this signal, Mal.

It’s going to be two posts, one being a short, summary post that other sites can link to easily, and then the longer post that tells you the whole story.

And let me thank you in advance for investing your time in it.


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