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Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Ways to Help With My Cause (Bumped)

This post is going to be bumped so it stays on top until at least Monday at noon.

As you might know I am locked in a struggle for free speech.  I have been subject to a court order so absurdly broad that I might be violating it if I tell you about it.  But if you look around this site, and those of my friends, you will probably get the picture.

And frankly this costs money.  There are two funds that are helping me with this fight.  The first is the National Blogger’s Club relief fund.  You can donate here, and I hope to put their PayPal button on my site soon. Update: Done!

The second is the Bloggers Defense Team, which you can learn more about and donate to, here.  And you can see I have created a PayPal button for this fund already.

And I don’t think I am saying too much to say that neither fund is devoted solely to helping me out.  There are other victims of the phenomenon I am fighting against, and they are getting help through these funds, too.

So look around, at this site and others, and figure out for yourself whether or not I have a just cause.  I trust you to think for yourself on this.  And if you think I do have righteousness on my side, please donate if you can.  And I thank everyone out there for what they have done, whether it is donations, or spreading the word and speaking when I cannot, or just offering moral support.  I appreciate all of it.

Oh and one other thing.  Remember how about a month and a half ago I started saying something big was coming and maybe you doubted I could deliver... and then I did?

Yeah, something big is coming, again.  Maybe on Monday if things work out, but definitely on Tuesday.  Not as big a BLOCKBUSTER as the last big thing, but big.

To riff of my friend Patrick Frey, always trust content from Allergic to Bull!


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  1. All I can give is moral support, prayers and linking like a MoFo to articles about "whatshisname."

  2. At this moment.. I can offer you my moral support and spread the word via Facebook and or Twitter when I am on there.. Just know that there are people all over that are wishing for you to win this fight..My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.. Such injustice has been served for only wanting to speak the truth..

  3. Being a rabid left-wing loony and having read your full account of this saga, I can't honestly say that your nose looks completely clean from here, but not even the most towering arse should be subject to the abuse of the court system. You have my support, moral and monetary.