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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fivolity: Three Words. Brony. Fighting. Game.

Sometime in the last few months I learned about the phenomenon of Bronies.  “Bronies” are fans of the show My Little Pony, particularly the more recent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who happen to be guys.  Get it?  Bro, as in brother, bro-nies?  So yes, this is a thing.

And they even have a thing called Bronycon.  Yes, hard-core Trekkies, you finally have someone you can look down on!  Here’s some videos from it:

And then today we get the special horror that is the Brony fighting game.  Called Fighting is Magic, this is a 2-D fighting game, featuring My Little Pony.  Which is being created for free, to be released for free, by the fans and without approval of the actual franchise owners.

You can watch some of it here:

Indeed you can watch an entire two-hour livestream of other people playing the game, here, for some reason:

But there is trouble in um… Equestria?  Apparently someone leaked the pre-bata code to the game which led to this oddly angry letter:

Open Letter to the Brony Fandom and the Fighting is Magic follower base.

As you might be aware today, one of our QAs broke our trust and a NDA agreement, and leaked a working build of Fighting is Magic to the Internet. As a result, our Internal QA testing program has been terminated.

The unfinished version of Fighting is Magic is, needless to say, unsupported. We won't answer any questions relative to it, we won't give technical support to it, we won't discuss mechanics or graphic details from it, given its status as a leaked, unfinished, internal testing build, which happened to be leaked just right before a major update was pushed to our now closed QA test program.

We're very, very disappointed in those we gave our trust to. We're also very disappointed in those downloading and distributing the leaked version.

Teaches us a lesson, though.

For now, Fighting is Magic will be going on a closed development cycle. No further QA, Alpha, Beta or testing program will be started or maintained until we have the remaining two characters done for the initial build. In addition BSUs will be cancelled, and no major content-related updates to the website will be forthcoming until further notice, while we at Mane6 deal with this situation and discuss changes for the future of the project. 

That's all for now.

- Mane6

P.s. Don't worry, the game is still in the works. We're just dealing with the current situation.

You know, if the game is really going to be given out for free, and it is almost certainly in violation of the intellectual property rights of the show’s owners, it seems weird for them to get so proprietary about it.  But that is how they feel.  Anyway, so Bronies everywhere if you want to see your favorite ponies fight it out, someday you’ll get the chance.  Indeed, I guess you can find this leaked version yourself if you care.

But for my money, if you want a fighting game that features characters who are a little too pretty, it’s hard to beat the Final Fantasy Dissidia series:

Hat tip: Kotaku.
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  1. Speaking as a brony, the show has some awesome musical numbers. The primary composer, Daniel Ingram, really knows his stuff and draws from a lot of sources - classical Broadway and more.

    If you go on youtube, you can find all the music as well as people doing videos of other people's music using clips from the show to tell the story.

    One of the best is probably 'Hooves like Jagger' on youtube. There are a few good ones of 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha, probably because it was made to be parodied.