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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coca-Cola’s Racist Super Bowl Ad

Well, it can’t be all-Kimberlin, all-the-time, can it?  Last Sunday while the Brocos were getting pantsed before the entire world, Coke ran this ad and started a controversy:

Some conservatives didn’t like what they saw as a push for amnesty, and that may or may not be part of the agenda.  But I saw something else: I saw what seemed to be pretty clear racism.

Let’s review shall we?  First we see this kind of image...

And you see a white girl next blowing bubbles…  and at that point the song is in English.  And then you start to see Hispanic-looking* folks:

…and suddenly they are playing a foreign language, most likely Spanish.  And then a bunch of other mainly non-whites are on screen and then it’s back to white people and back to English:

And then it leads to one of the few times where we see non-whites on screen as the song is sung in English:

Oh, and here’s another exception.  A pair of white Jews having a foreign language (Hebrew, I guess), run over their image:

We’ll get back to that in a moment.

So in other words, it is for the most part playing it in English when white people are on the screen, and playing it in some other language when non-whites are on screen.

And yes, it comes off as pretty racist to me.  After all, there are certain Americans who are stereotyped as “perpetual foreigners.”  I talked about this when our President said he could figure out who was an immigrant just by looking at them, and quoted from a post on the subject that explained this insidious attitude:

No matter how long they or their families have lived in the country, they are still not seen as True Americans, they are still seen as foreigners. That is why people are surprised at how good their English is and ask them, “Where are you really from?” – where New Jersey does not count as an answer.

And even one of the exceptions is pretty damning, too.  As noted in this Jewish Journal article, there is an increasing tendency to view Jewish people has having a “dual loyalty” divided between whatever country they live in, and Israel.

Seriously, if the purpose of the ad was to celebrate the many cultures and ethnicities that make up America, then why treat every white person—except the Joooos—as “just white?”  Why not play the song in Italian, or Gaelic, or German and show some white folks who aren’t Jewish?  Why is it only the non-white, non-Jews who are seen as having a different language and culture?

Is this intentionally racist?  I doubt in a million years Coca-Cola would dare make an intentionally racist ad.  But in the process of them attempting to seem “multicultural” they outted some of the racist assumptions that underlie their worldview.


* I am really quite awful at guessing a person’s ethnicity just by looking at them, mostly because I profoundly don’t care what your race or ethnicity is.


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  1. It didn't see the ad until tonight. If you WANT to see racism there, I suppose you will. I for one, don't really pay attention to commercials all that much. I hardly ever watch TV and I skip ads on the internet as soon as I can 98% of the time.

    Oddly enough, I am a member of a bi-racial marriage. I am Anglo and my wife is not. And thus my kids are bi-racial. But I hardly ever think of us as a bi-racial family. We are all just family. I don't think of my wife's race or my kids mixed race. She is just my wife and they are just my kids.

    Oddly enough, we know other bi-racial couples, and we don't really think of them in terms of their races either.

    But we are conservatives and everything is not race and race is not everything to us.

    So, maybe some people see racism in this silly coca cola ad, but I don't. And I am not going to waste much time looking for it because I hardly ever watch TV, or commercials and I almost never drink coca cola...