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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Miracle for Addie Fausett

Girl, 6, with Fatal Illness Gets Hundreds of Thousands of Christmas Cards
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faith in humanity
Blogging will continue to be light in the near future, but it is Christmas and I wanted to share with you an update of a story that touched more than a few readers.  As I told you in my last post, Addie Fausett is a little girl who is dying.  She had an undiagnosed illness that was keeping her from growing, and doctors told her in November she probably only had a year to live.  And so her family wanted people to send her a “lifetime” of Christmas cards, this year, and you delivered.  Via People:

6-Year-Old Girl with Terminal Illness Gets Half a Million Christmas Cards

In the rural town of Fountain Green, Utah, pop. 1,078, the post office on State Street is overflowing with cards, letters and gifts for 6-year-old Addie Fausett, whose Christmas wish is to know that she has friends.

Addie, who stopped growing when she was 3 due to a mysterious and still undiagnosed illness, isn't expected to live much beyond another year.

She can't play with anyone besides her two older sisters, because her condition occasionally causes her to lash out with uncontrollable scratching and biting.

"One of her symptoms is cerebral atrophy," the progressive loss of brain cells over time," Tami Fausett, 29, Addie's mother, tells PEOPLE.

"For the past year and a half, her behavior has been so unpredictable that she can't play with other kids or have friends. It's been really hard on everyone, not to mention heartbreaking."

Hoping to boost Addie's spirits as she celebrates what is expected to be her last Christmas, her family started a Facebook campaign, asking for people to send Christmas cards to hang in Addie's room.

"My mom came up with the idea," Tami says. "She said, 'If everyone writes her a card, we can tell Addie these are her friends.' So that's what we've done. We just never dreamed we'd get such an enormous response."

Since Thanksgiving, about 3,000 cards have been opened and hung on the wall by Addie and her sisters, Shayley, 10, and Audree, 7. There an estimated half-million unopened letters still sitting in postal bags.

"We have hundreds of thousands more still to open," says Tami. "They're coming from all over the country, plus Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada and all points in between.

"It's overwhelming. On one day alone, 100,000 came in. It won't be long before we run out of space, but that's OK. It's fun to see Addie so happy."...

"It's been touching to get so many cards from complete strangers who care," she says.

"If you could see Addie's face when she opens them – she loves seeing the pictures other kids draw for her, and she loves to watch her sisters hang each new card on the wall.

"It's like Christmas every day. When Addie's gone, that's a memory we'll always cherish."

6-Year-Old Girl with Terminal Illness Gets Half a Million Christmas Cards| Health, Medical Conditions, Christmas, Good Deeds, Real People Stories
Addie also got a lot of stuffed animals
from strangers...
So half a million?  I’m taking credit for that, right there.

Well, no, I doubt I am the only person on various forms of social media and blogs to have done something like that.  I am willing to bet it was viral, just one person after another telling their friends and family, “hey, we should do this.”  One thing I have been impressed by recently is the power of the grassroots to spread good in the world, whether it is something like #EveryoneMakeFunOfKimJongUnDay, or this, I love seeing thousands upon thousands of people saying, “let me step up and do something.”  And indeed according to this AP report, the local post office needed help from other post offices in the area to sort it all (meaning presumably to make sure everyone else gets their mail, too).

And as for Addie, it got even better:

Fountain Green holds first Christmas light parade for terminally ill girl

FOUNTAIN GREEN, Sanpete County — With Old Glory leading the way, hundreds of people crowded onto Main Street Tuesday night for Fountain Green's first Christmas light parade, organized especially for little Addie Fausett.

The 6-year-old girl with a terminal brain disease enjoyed the festivities with her mother and sisters — the culmination of a month of love, showered on her family, that has touched everyone in the community.

"I think it has changed the way people think about Christmas in this little town,” said resident Nathan Beck.

Beck and his family made two floats for the parade. “It has kind of restored my faith in humanity, to see so many people pull together with this tiny little girl and this tiny little town,” Beck said.

While their floats are nothing fancy, they were made with tender loving care.

“I just worked with what I had, bought a few lights made a little float for her, put her name on it,” said resident Jerry Beck. “We love her.”

As the special guest of honor, Addie watched the parade in front of the post office, where over the past month, nearly 300,000 Christmas cards, letters and even gifts have arrived for her from places near and far. The community has stepped in to help open them all.

From the parade
Oh, and as if you haven’t been uplifted enough already:

The majority of the toys have been shared with local charities to help other families in need this Christmas.

Stop to think about that.  They probably got way more gifts than they would need, but they didn’t have to give it away.  They could have probably gone to various stores and returned them for cash, sometimes, or store credit.  But instead they said, “hey, there are other people in need, let’s give it to them.”

All of this is surely bittersweet to the Fausett family.  They are saying farewell to Addie, after all.  Once when standing beside the graves of four children who suffered unjustly, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that “God still has a way of wringing good out of evil.”  If you ever doubt that, look at the Christmas miracle that good people like you made happen this year.  This was not only good for that little girl, this was good for the souls of all of all of you that sent cards and gifts.  This day is about love.  It is about giving, more than getting, and we were all made richer for what we gave to Addie Fausett and her family.

So have a Merry Christmas.  You’ve earned it.


P.S.: You owe it to yourself to click on all the links and read.  There is more stories from that family’s joy and more pictures to make you smile.


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