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Friday, December 19, 2014

Send a Dying Girl a Smile This Christmas

Here’s something you can do this Christmas time to bring a little joy into a girl’s heart.

If you would like to send Addie and her sisters a card, you can mail it to Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632.This is Addie Fausett.

And this is not doxxing.  Her mailing address is Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632.

And a lot of people are sending her Christmas cards.  You see, this precious girl has got far too little time left in this world and this article explains why:

There is a reason so many people are sending Addie a Christmas card.

“She kind of stopped growing when she was 3,” said Tami Fausett, Addie’s mother.

And slowly since then, the bubbly and energetic little girl who now weighs just 23 pounds continues to struggle.

“She likes to laugh and have a good time and hear stories, but lately she has had a lot of days she will just cry all day long,” Tami Fausett said.

And even with many visits to neurologists at Primary Children’s, Addie’s condition has gone undiagnosed.

“Cerebral atrophy is just a symptom of what is wrong, but she is still undiagnosed,” Tami Fausett said.

The deteriorating condition of her brain resulted last month in a devastating prognosis.

“They told us she probably won’t last much longer and they told us roughly a year,” Tami Fausett said.

Now, with the prospect that this will be Addie’s last Christmas, her grandparents thought it would be nice for Addie to receive a lifetime of Christmas cards this year.

“She doesn’t get to play with kids, so we thought if everyone would send her a card, we could tell all her friends it would make her Christmas a little bit better,” Tami Fausett said.

With the help of her older sisters, Shayley and Audree — who hang up the cards — cards for Addie and her sisters are pouring in from family, friends, and as word spreads on social media, even strangers.

“(We’re) hoping to get a lot so we can cover all the walls with them, for Addie,” Tami Fausett said.

And if you decide to send a card, let me gently suggest you send something funny, but appropriate for a six year old.  I found a card that involved a dog with its tongue frozen A-Christmas-Story style to a metal post.  If it is going to be her last Christmas, let it be filled with laughter.

Also they figure a few people might want to “donate” to them.  They are not clear what they are envisioning, be it money, toys or whatever.  Don’t just send it, but instead we are told to “contact the Pleasant Grove Police Department at 801-785-3506 and ask for Officers Clegg or Humes.”  It’s probably a bad idea to send a package of any kind without a head’s up: it’ll probably create security concerns.  But if you want to send more than a card, contacting those officers seems like a reasonable first step.  And there is a facebook page, here.

For those who celebrate Christmas, if you do this, I think you are upholding the best traditions of the season.  The idea of Christmas isn’t that you get lots of stuff this time of year: the idea is that you give lots of stuff this time of year.  It’s just that when you give lots of stuff, you end up getting, too.  It’s about generosity and not greed.  And seriously, who doesn’t love to make kids this happy?

And if you don’t celebrate, I don’t think you normally have an obligation to give to those who do.  Again, the idea of the season is to give to celebrate the birth of Christ, not to get, so it makes more sense for a Christian to celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to those who don’t celebrate than the other way around.  But I think this is a reasonable exception to the rule.

And like I said, keep whatever you send cheerful.  Addie deserves as much joy as possible in her short life.


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