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Monday, May 21, 2012

Breaking: Brett Kimberlin Has Filed ANOTHER Peace Order Against Me

Update: We will be setting up a legal defense fund, soon.  Keep coming back to this blog if you are interested in donating.

Here’s a screencap from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search:

(Open the image in a new window to see it more clearly)

So here we go again.  His abuse of the legal system continues.  This is plainly in retaliation for my post exposing with video and documentary evidence, his recent criminal attempt to frame me for a crime.

Bluntly, this is illegal under the Peace Order statute.  The court would have to find I did some kind of physical act against him, or that I stalked him or something like that.  I have not even been in Maryland for well over a week and I simply put have never done anything to put him in reasonable fear of his life.  I haven't even seen him outside of court.  I can't say I have never been in his presence because somehow he or one of his allies has snapped a picture of me surreptitiously, so maybe he was nearby and I didn't know.  But I know I was never knowingly in his presence in the last 30 days.

Update: If you are new to this controversy, here's a short video demonstrating why Brett Kimberlin cannot be trusted:

If you want the whole story, start with this post.

What is also significant is that there is nothing reported there about harassment.  He knows he can’t claim that posting about him is harassment as defined in Maryland law (or common sense).

The other thing to get is that most often this is projection with him.  He says you are a stalker, when in fact he is a stalker.  He accused Seth of trying to put documents into the record for dissemination on the internet when in fact that was his tactic.  So, I consider this therefore to be a threat; he is saying I am a threat to his safety, because he is a threat to mine.  Fortunately the police have already agreed to stepped up patrols and frankly, I am vigilant and I am ready to defend myself if necessary.  But your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated.

And if anything should happen to me, you know who should be the prime suspect.


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  1. Folks can also buy Aaron's book if you want to give him a hand. He links it at the bottom of every post (above the comment section).

    Why would Brett continue doing this? Because right now he's being taught by Maryland's prosecutors that he can get away with abusing the process and smearing people. He thinks he can wear Aaron down and make him unable to afford defending himself. What's stopping him?

    Aaron will have to fight one of these every day for the rest of his life, if the authorities don't shut Brett down for perjury. The MD taxpayer has funded how many hearings now? It's a lot. The least their government could do for them is prosecute those who lied during those hearings.

    Make someone other than Brett's victims pay for Brett's lawfare campaign. This is just insane.

  2. Man that is one boring video.

    Which conclusively establishes that Aaron didn't attack Kimberlin.

  3. sorry, sir. I did my best, but i am not a film maker by profession. But I think its pretty good if you grade me on the curve!

    1. I just said the facts are boring. I.e., that you didn't assault him.

      If you had, it would have been more interesting! Maybe next time.

  4. Not unexpected Aaron. If I can be of service in any way at all, please let me know at my public email: Perhaps as a former criminal that absolutely hates criminals, especially those whose actions cast reforming ex-criminals in a bad way, I might be able to assist in some small way in defeating this assh*le.

  5. Letters have gone out to the States Attorney office in hopes their eyes get opened soon. For their own sake they need to shut this nutcase down. Allowing him to do this to you sets a very bad precedent that could impact other cases in the future even if they have nothing to do with Kimberlin.

    People are behind you on this Aaron. Keep up the good fight and let us know when the fund has been set up so we can provide a bit of modest $ assistance.

    Meanwhile here is a link that I think does a great job of describing Kimberlin. Enjoy.

  6. At least you'll be in front of a judge, who can lock the scumbag up for contempt wi