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Monday, May 21, 2012

So Why Has Robert Stacy McCain Gone Into Hiding? (Update: Memeorandum notices!)

Update: So how well is Brett Kimberlin's plan to suppress all speech about his violent past? So well, that for the first time he has made Memeorandum!  And they linked to me too.  Sweet!

Also be sure to check out the BLOCKBUSTER POST that started this renewed scrutiny of the convicted terrorism Brett Kimberlin.  Right now authorities in Montgomery County can take Mr. Kimberlin off the streets.  They have refused to do so.  Read my blockbuster post and if you agree that an injustice has been done, please help me to get justice.

I would direct you now to Robert Stacy McCain’s website where he has announced that he left the greater D.C. area in order to protect his family.

And what could have led Brett Kimberlin (who supposedly is so frightened of me that he needs a peace order) to do... whatever he did to alarm Mr. McCain?

Well, you might consider reading this passage from Mark Singer’s book Citizen K (pages 60-61), discussing how Kimberlin dealt with the issue of taxes, when he was a massive drug dealer.  After all, any person who has seen The Untouchables knows that they ultimately got Capone for tax evasion—that is hiding the profits for being a gangster.  So here’s how Kimberlin avoided that problem:

He had not not yet turned nineteen when he first sought professional tax advice.  “When I first started dealing dope, I went to see a lawyer in New York, who told me how to beat the tax people,” he said.  “I had to pay this guy $2,500 or $3,000 for a couple of hours of consultation.  Plus I had to fly out there.  But it was worth it.”  Other than driving an expensive car and owning a small airplane, he avoided ostentation and, along the way, the scrutiny of the tax authorities.  Each year, he figured out how much he’d spent, extrapolated the income that would be required to support such a life, added ten percent, and filed a short-form tax return, taking the standard deduction.  The tax code did not specifically require him to list his occupation, so he left that space blank.  The only meony he ever put in the bank, he said, was the money he used to pay taxes.  He wrote only two checks a year—one to the Internal Revenue Service, and the other to the Indiana Department of Revenue.

So having read all of that, go and look at this post at McCain’s site.  Do you see what I see?

Of course new readers to this site should understand that right now we are in a full on press to get justice against Brett Kimberlin.  He has actually tried to frame me for a crime only to be thwarted when video evidence emerged disproving his claims and exonerating me.  I have the video as well as the documentation of every dishonest thing he said about it in his effort to put me in prison for up to ten years.  I wrote a very long post on the subject and I would ask that you read it, so you can see the depth of this man’s evil and maybe even look into how you can offer me a hand in getting justice.  If we take him off the streets perhaps McCain will no longer be The Transient Blogger.

Here’s a taste of what you will see and read:

And yes, Brett Kimberlin will pay for the crimes he committed against me—the justice system will catch up to him again.  That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

Does Brett Kimberlin really think that making McCain abandon his house is the way to make this story quiet down?  How is his plan to suppress the truth of his violent past going so far?


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  1. Heh!!! I'm in your (and Stacy's) corner on this one.