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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“The More You Tighten Your Grip”: Brett Kimberlin’s Latest Petition For a Peace Order

Update (II): At an ex parte (without the other side present) hearing, Mr. Kimberlin has gotten a temporary peace order against me.  It only says the same three things: not to contact, abuse or enter residence.  Which I haven't been doing, anyway.  So he can win when he is not being contradicted by the evidence.  But it will not remain in place.

Update: Patrick makes a point that I glossed over.  You might reasonably ask “what is the harm in this peace order being issued?”  Well the answer is that Kimberlin will waste no time running to court and claiming frivolously that I am in contempt of the Peace Order.  In my BLOCKBUSTER post, I pointed out that after he put his original Peace Order on me, I asked the court to clarify that I could serve legal process on him, by the U.S. Mail without violating the Peace Order.  The Court specifically told me that such conduct did not violate the Peace Order, but when I did what the Court specifically said I was allowed to do, and the law required me to do, Mr. Kimberlin moved to hold me in contempt of court.

We now resume our original post.


Well, we knew it would happen.  At this blog for several days I have been on a campaign to obtain justice after convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin first tried to get me killed and then tried to frame me for a crime.  I know that sounds like hyperbole, but if you read this post, I will show you concrete documentary and video evidence proving everything I just told you.  In other words, you will not have to believe my word; you will only have to believe your eyes.

To give you a taste, here’s a video presentation I created:

So after I exposed Kimberlin’s criminal conduct, we have seen an outpouring of interest and support that a few little birds have told me is only going to get more intense as days go by.  But we also knew that retaliation was coming.  So the other day Kimberlin filed another peace order against me, and now Robert Stacy McCain has felt that something Kimberlin did (that McCain hasn’t defined) was worrisome enough to make him need to leave his home.

And today I got a copy of the Petition for a Peace Order he has filed.  I will embed it in a few minutes, but bluntly you don’t have to search far to see the distortions he has made.  I won't cover every lie, half-truth, etc. but here I will hit the highlights.

For instance, I explained how Kimberlin and his associates put me and my wife in fear that they would try to hurt us.  And in the midst of that, I said:

I also purchased a handgun.  I had owned a shotgun since law school for home defense, but I wanted something I could more easily carry in public.  As they say, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  And I made sure Kimberlin’s crew knew I was armed, to make them realize that I was not defenseless.

He tries to make that out to be a threat of some kind.  The only “threat” is that if Kimberlin places my life or my wife’s life in direct and immediate peril, I will be able to protect our lives and I wanted to make sure he knew that to deter him from even trying.  Criminals should be afraid to cause physical harm to others.  That is the best order of things.

I have also said that he would pay the price for his attempt to frame me for a crime, which is nothing more than a confident statement that the justice system will wake up and exact a lawful punishment upon Kimberlin.  I have never said one word suggesting I would get violent with him.  I have admonished several people to refrain from violence and I have also carefully redacted personal information from the documents I have posted, including Kimberlin’s home address, his phone number and his email address.  I knew that if I posted this information online there was a danger that someone might exact vigilante justice for his criminal past and his present deplorable conduct, and therefore I took the steps I could to prevent that, consistent with my duty and right to print the truth about who this man is and what he did to me.

Also, notice how he says that these references to him go into his email inbox.  Well, that is because he invites it in.  Consider this passage from his November 14, 2011 hearing in Kimberlin v. Allen.

Every single day when I would wake up and there would be a Google alert from Mr. Socrates, Mr. Preostericity, Mr. Seth Allen, saying something about a murder, or pedophilia, or fraud, or, or terrorism, or... whatever.

(Read the whole transcript, here.)  In case you didn’t know, Google allows you to create daily “alerts” that automatically search for certain terms and deliver them to your inbox.  So when he talks about these things landing in his email inbox, that is how it is happening.  I am not sending him anything, he is telling Google to obsessively scour the internet for any sign that anyone anywhere in the world is talking about Brett Kimberlin.  So he is basically saying that I cannot talk about him, in a negative fashion, anywhere on the internet.  I suppose next he will claim Google Scholar is harassing him, too, as well as the legal databases Lexis, Westlaw and Fastcase.

And there is other ridiculousness.  He complains about a video from a video game and claims it is threatening, basically the classic Hydra battle from the beginning of God of War.  Go to this post, look at it for yourself.  And then ask yourself what the hell is he talking about?

No, all I have done is post the truth about him.  But that is precisely why he feels threatened, because he is scared of the truth.  Harry Truman once said, “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”  In Kimberlin’s case, he calls it harassment.  That’s what this is about.  He has made no effort to rebut what I have said.  I wrote at the end of my big post the following:

I will make this offer to Brett Kimberlin.  If I have gotten any fact wrong, and you can prove it, I will happily issue a correction.  But there are two important limitations on that.  First, I will only issue corrections of fact; I am entitled to my opinions as a matter of First Amendment law.  Second, I will only issue corrections if you prove me wrong—and by proof I mean something other than your word.  Email any such requests for a correction to me or I am unlikely to notice.  You know my email address.

He has not done so.  Instead he has filed this abusive peace order against me (and did whatever he did to alarm McCain):

As Glenn Reynolds noted earlier tonight: “If Kimberlin was trying to stop negative Internet attention, it’s not working.”  Princess Leia agrees:

You are creating this media frenzy, by your jackbooted attempts to suppress freedom of expression.


And toward the end when he goes over and over about how he wants to be left alone, it kind of reminded me of something.  I can’t quite put my finger on it...  oh yeah:

Haven’t seen a that guy for a while have you?  And actually he has a reasonable point about how the press eats up celebrities, albeit over dramatized.  Kimberlin on the other hand has invited this upon himself by his fascistic tactics:


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  2. Craig, yeah i have fixed the error you pointed out and therefore i will delete your post. Thank you for pointing it out.

  3. No, Brett, the alert YOU set up is not "from" anyone but you. You wanted to know when anyone on the internet had an opinion about your setting bombs and committing perjury. Never mind. You're not good enough to warrant being addressed by me.

    It's not harassment for Aaron or Pat or anyone to write about how awful bombings and perjuries are. It's not their fault this opinion upsets you so much. And disgust at such behavior is a completely reasonable opinion. You're not worth being addressed by good folks, though. I have no interest in appearing in your inbox. It's other decent people I care to speak to.

    Instead of demanding people stop noticing, the wrongdoer should confess what they did and apologize to their victim (Aaron in this case being one of the victims). Even sociopaths don't have to continue their ways. Instead of demanding the court stop people from condemning bombers and domestic terrorism and perjury, they could go to the court and apologize for wasting everyone's time.

    Not just because of Aaron's practical point: that the harsher the censor tries to silence opinion, the more attention the truth draws. But also because no one sane can enjoy being this awful. Even Brett. God only knows what happened to him to make him this way, but it must have been terrible. His must be a miserable existence. His family and friends (if he has any) should help him. Surely by now they've seen the video and know Aaron was innocent of Brett's charges. They know it's wrong to send an innocent man to prison. Why doesn't Brett? If my house guest acted that way, I would demand he seek psychiatric help to stay under my charity.

    Of course, I'm not holding my breath for this story to take that turn. But it's been unpredictable. Brett has a say in that matter, too, and could get the help he probably recognizes he needs.

  4. I agree with most of what Dustin has said. I go a little bit deeper into the seamy underside in my latest about this jackanape at:

  5. Just catching up on all this... wow is all that comes to mind. This Kimberlin guy is a loon. Sent you an email Aaron, lemme know when defense fund is set up so I can link to it.